SharePoint Anagrams

Had come up with a few funny anagrams for SharePoint, and shared them on Twitter. The name has many of the letters you’d pick first when trying to solve the puzzle in Wheel of Fortune – so it was a good candidate. Then a friend referred me to an anagram serving website, which delivered several, although most were pretty boring. Here’s some of the goodies, both from the site and ones I found:
Evil SharePoint:
Hate Prison
Hernia Spot
Pain Throes
Hope Strain
Hare In Pots [Think Fatal Attraction]
Tear Siphon
Others Pain
Naughty SharePoint:
Hop Nastier
Porn I Haste
I Entrap Hos
Ornate Hips
Open A Shirt
Pa Horniest
Repaint Hos
Under the Influence SharePoint:
Another Sip
Pats Heroin
A Top Shiner [Beer]
Retain Hops
Nears Pot Hi
Hoarse Pint [What you have after teaching too many SP Sessions]
Parties, Hon!
Share in Pot [Thanks, Stephen Heister]
Felonious SharePoint:
Apron Heist
Pirates, Hon
Rat Phonies
Hit a Person
SharePoint SharePoint?:
Phase Intro
Persona Hit
Orphan Site [This one was a little freaky]
Silly SharePoint:
Retinas Hop
Hairnet Sop
Hear Pintos
Opera Hints
Tape Rhinos
Nosier Path
Has Protein
Paint Horse
Pita Nosher
Thin as Rope
So I Panther [Had it been Cougar, this might have been under Naughty]
No Hare Pits
No Hair Pets [Thanks, Todd K.]


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