Display Site Owners on Each SharePoint Site

Update 8/28/12: It looks like SharePoint Diva Laura Rogers has worked out how to do this. Check out her excellent How To article.

An interesting problem arose in a SharePoint governance planning committee today.

Scenario: Client governance plan assigns several responsibilities to site owners, through whom many lower-level user requests for changes are to be handled. To help these casual users determine which people are site owners for a given site, the client wants to display the site owners for each site in a uniform manner. Of course, this needs to be dynamic, preferably with either

      A: the phone and email of the site owner displayed with the name or  

      B: the list generated so that the site owner’s name is a link to that person’s My Site.

Additional specs in the “this would rock but we could probably live without it” category:

1. Would like this Site Owner list or a link to it displayed in standard area, such as within Quick Launch or Above Top Nav near the My Site link.

2. Would like this Site Owner list available on views of lists and libraries within a site, so if a user follows a link in an email to a view of a doc library, the site owner information would be readily available without having to backwards navigate to the site housing the list or library.

The SharePoint 2007 Site Users web part shows members, and you can filter that to members of a particular group, such as “Accounting Owners”; however, if permission to this SharePoint group is granted through membership in an Active Directory Group, only the group name, not the individuals within that group, are displayed.

The DB gal in me knows this info is stored in the database; therefore, this is possible…at least at the web part level, perhaps through a Data View Web Part. Accommodating the extra requests seems doable as well, but a stretch. Anyone done something similar that might give a starting point on this problem?

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8 responses to “Display Site Owners on Each SharePoint Site

  • Marc D Anderson


    In the past I’ve done this by creating a separate list to keep track of the Site Owners and then putting a DVWP in the master page so that the Site Owner is visible on all [non-_layout] pages. (Yes, you can easily put DVWPs into the master page, contrary to popular belief — SharePoint myth #465.)

    However, now with SPServices, I’d use jQuery and call the Permissions Web Service, GetPermissionCollection operation. This gives all of the permissions for a site or list. From there, you can format the information however you like.


    • JoyEarles

      You know, I try not to ask individuals for help on specific problems, preferring instead to ask a general question in the community hoping for a link to guidance. But I especially hate to bother you Marc, because you’re answering questions in nearly every forum I go to! You rock!

      Thank you so much for the advice. Now that I have an idea of what Web Service/approach to research, I’ll play with it and see if we can’t get the client the result they are looking for.


  • Marc D Anderson

    After I posted my answer, I went to see if what I said was true. ;+) It’s a little more complicated than what I said (a couple other Web Services calls required), but it’s still totally doable. Don’t hesitate to post any question on the SPServices site if you need help. (http://spservices.codeplex.com).

    I think I’d still use a DVWP to put the basic container on the page and then fill it further with data returned from the Web Services.

    This might be a nice function to add into the library!


    • JoyEarles

      Thanks for checking (and I laughed, because I have posted & then double-checked, too!). If I have problems, now I know where to post the question so others can benefit.

      And yes, as governance standards are more widely adopted, there may be more call for functions that return members of a specific SP Group, drilled down to the individuals in the AD group by which they’ve gained permission.

  • Bil simser

    I just use the site owner web part (can’t remember what site template it’s available under but it’s in the gallery) and populate it when the site is created. It provides presence aware link to the user and his my site. I think it’s only available on MOSS though so if you’re only on WSS I don’t think the web part is there. Ping me if you want me to dig up the details. We do this for all our sites as each one has to have an owner (that owner is also set as the “request for access” user of the site).

  • JoyEarles

    I’ll take you up on that Bil! I’m using MOSS. The closest I’ve found was site users web part, which doesn’t seem to want to filter by SP role. Also, if the users are granted an owner role via an AD group, the web part returns the group name, rather than the individuals’ names.

  • Tim Johnston

    Hi Joy!

    Did you ever address these needs? I know there are software add-ons to provide these types of governance features (such as SharePoint Solutions’ Extranet Collaboration Manager), but I’m wondering if you found any free parts or suggested ways to efficiently use out-of-the-box tools?


  • Alex Ouretski

    I had exactly the same problem and had to develop something myself. Take a look at my attempt here if you are stil looking for a solution: https://spsiteowners.codeplex.com

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