New User Not Available to be Added as a Resource in Project Server 2010

An occasional help desk call stems from a Project Manager trying to add a person as a resource on a project, but not finding them listed as an available resource. Usually, this is a case of a person who has not been a PWA user in the past, and the new user needs to be added to PWA. Unlike regular SharePoint sites, Project Server permissions are all handled by Project Server, so you must follow a specific set of steps to get a person set up.

Seems every time I add a new person to PWA, it feels like the first time (cue Foreigner track).  This is a good thing, in that we don’t have a lot of staff turnover. This is a bad thing, in that I sometimes forget a step.  So here’s a quick summary of what needs to happen to get your new person up and going in PWA.

  1. Add the person to the Active Directory group designated for the desired role in PWA.  If you can’t remember the name of that group, check PWA>Server Settings>Manage Groups. The PWA Group names will be listed along with the corresponding Active Directory Group to which it syncs.
  2. Wait for a scheduled group sync or initiate the sync immediately. From the Manage Groups page above, choose Active Directory Sync Options>Save and Sync Now. Note that if you have a large number of groups and users, syncing during production hours may take a significant amount of time and may affect performance.
  3. If the sync is successful, the user will be listed as a user in the PWA>Server Settings>Manage Users list. At this time, you may click the name of the person to change information, such as the user’s standard hourly rate for purposes of budget estimating.
  4. Wait for a scheduled enterprise resource pool sync or initiate the sync immediately. PWA>Server Settings>Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization>Save and Synchronize Now. Again, take note that if you have a large number of groups and users, syncing during production hours may take a significant amount of time and may affect performance.
  5. The project manager should now be able to add the person as a resource to their project. PWA>Project Center>[Project Name]> Project Details>Build Team.  The new person should be listed as an available resource in the list on the left. The PM should check the box next to the person’s name and then click Add.

When problems occur during this process, they are usually the result of an Active Directory Sync failure. Check the sync status of the groups sync and the enterprise resource pool sync by following the steps up to the Save and Syncronize Now step. A status message including the time stamp and completion status of the last sync will be displayed on the dialog box. If the sync has failed, use this time stamp to find the corresponding error message in the ULS logs so you can troubleshoot the issue.


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