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Display Site Owners on Each SharePoint Site

Update 8/28/12: It looks like SharePoint Diva Laura Rogers has worked out how to do this. Check out her excellent How To article.

An interesting problem arose in a SharePoint governance planning committee today.

Scenario: Client governance plan assigns several responsibilities to site owners, through whom many lower-level user requests for changes are to be handled. To help these casual users determine which people are site owners for a given site, the client wants to display the site owners for each site in a uniform manner. Of course, this needs to be dynamic, preferably with either

      A: the phone and email of the site owner displayed with the name or  

      B: the list generated so that the site owner’s name is a link to that person’s My Site.

Additional specs in the “this would rock but we could probably live without it” category:

1. Would like this Site Owner list or a link to it displayed in standard area, such as within Quick Launch or Above Top Nav near the My Site link.

2. Would like this Site Owner list available on views of lists and libraries within a site, so if a user follows a link in an email to a view of a doc library, the site owner information would be readily available without having to backwards navigate to the site housing the list or library.

The SharePoint 2007 Site Users web part shows members, and you can filter that to members of a particular group, such as “Accounting Owners”; however, if permission to this SharePoint group is granted through membership in an Active Directory Group, only the group name, not the individuals within that group, are displayed.

The DB gal in me knows this info is stored in the database; therefore, this is possible…at least at the web part level, perhaps through a Data View Web Part. Accommodating the extra requests seems doable as well, but a stretch. Anyone done something similar that might give a starting point on this problem?